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Meet The Team

Here at Intasound we pride ourselves on our customer service. On this page we give you a bit of information about all of our friendly, professional staff.


Malcolm Wright


Malcolm Wright is the founder of Intasound and goes by many other names such as:

"Big boss man" "Head Honcho" "The Don" "George Lucas"


Here is a picture proving that once upon a time he did in fact have black hair!

Malcolm is now running our newly opened dedicated piano and keyboard showroom opposite to the mother store at no. 83 Narborough road and you can contact him on 0116 2544899.


Lloyd Wright

Lloyd is the eldest of the two brothers and joined the family business back in 2001.  Following in his fathers entrepreneurial footsteps he was given the task of opening our guitar department, Originally starting with a small range of guitars he has expanded it into what you see today.  Lloyd is a keen musician dabbling in any instrument he can get his hands on!


Best looking of the team by far.... olive skin, great beard!!


Alex Wright

Alex is the youngest of the Wright family it seems they finally got it right! A Keen acoustic guitarist who also dabbles in a bit of bass, piano and drums. His expertise also lie in PA system and DJ equipment. So for any of your musical needs Alex will be sure to help , and yes in his picture he is dressed as a cowboy!! don't ask!!


Romeo Desouza


Romeo pictured above (far right)  with his daughter and son in their award winning Family trio de souza. He has been a crucial member of staff at intasound for nearly 25 years! He is the in house engineer and also an acomplished musician with a wealth of knowledge in Keyboards, amplifiers, electronic pianos and organs. He is a black belt in being able to fix things that no one else can!


Richard "Buzz-man" Buswell

Richard has been with Intasound since 2007 when he came for his first day as an apprentice to Romeo our resident service engineer learning his trade and becoming our guitar technician. Apart from being a guitar wizard his passion for music shows in his extraordinary dj sets.... watch this space,


Adam Tarleton

Adam is our newest member of the team and takes the title of being Intasound's tallest member of staff. This makes him ideal for the key roles such as Light bulb changing and getting the guitars off the top shelf. Jokes aside since adam has been with us he's been an asset to the team providing amazing customer service and with his playing ability on a multitude of instruments boy can this man demonstate! So next time you come into the store shout hodor or mention mcdonalds and watch this man come running to your service.

Krishan 'K-Dog' Bhatt

Krishan started working weekends for us in 2006 as a young enthusiastic guitarist, more impressing though was the fact that he was the only 14 year old we knew who had a moustache!! He has grown to be an exceptional guitarist doing many of our video demos. He is currently studying Music Industry Management at the University of East London, but on holidays and breaks he comes back and works like the machine that he is!