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Casio GP300


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Product details

Launched as part of the new GP family of instruments, the GP300 is a digital piano that combines the latest in cutting-edge music technology with premium quality construction that takes its cue from the concert grand. The result is a unique playing experience focused on delivering a quality of sound and tone with a complete range of timbre as well as some rather interesting additional features.


The key feature of the GP300
The real standout quality of the sound of the GP300 is thanks to the blending of three of the finest grands in the world – the Berlin, the Vienna and the Hamburg. The Berlin Grand sound has been developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein, so discerning pianists feel the benefit from the second they lay their fingers on the keyboard. String/damper resonance, mechanical sounds, and other subtle nuances combine together to recreate the experience of owning three of the finest pianos on Earth, rolled into one premium quality instrument.

• AiR Grand Sound Source (256-tone polyphony (max.)
• Natural Grand Hammer Action
• Grand Pedal System
• Grand Acoustic System
• Hall Simulator that recreates the acoustics of numerous world-class performance venues
• DSP effects
• Concert Play
• 5 sensitivity levels

The lightest of touches
Casio have thought carefully not just about the sound and timbre, but the actual playing experience too. So they’ve incorporated a Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard into the Casio GP300 piano. It’s made with full-length wooden concert grand piano keys that use exactly the same material and processes as a C. Bechstein concert grand piano. 

A keypress sends a hammer along the same vertical path as a grand piano, with the same essential weighting and pivot points. The result is an authentic tactile experience that translates the lightest of touches with refinement and dexterity, or is robust enough to translate the real passion of a brighter, more powerful sound. 

Putting the pianist in the heart of the experience
To eliminate the flat, two-dimensional sound quality that some lower quality digital instruments create, Casio has incorporated a six-speaker amplification system into the GP300 for a fully immersive experience. The unique Grand Acoustic System reproduces the three-dimensional sound field that is created by a premium quality acoustic grand. The top speakers deliver sounds normally heard rising upwards, while the downward-facing speakers project sounds heard from below the soundboard. This fills any space a complex, three-dimensional sound experience for both the pianist and the audience. And if you want to practice in peace, the GP300 has a headphone facility so you can immerse yourself in your music.

Who is the Casio GP300 for?
This compact instrument is designed to give you the experience of playing a full-size, nine-foot grand but in a compact space, as well as delivering a host of additional features to enrich the experience. That makes it a particularly good choice for small studios or for semi-professional musicians who want to take their practice or recording sessions to the next level. It also gives intermediate players who demonstrate real potential the opportunity to develop their skills with an instrument that gives them the grand piano experience but in compact form.

The reasonable price tag makes it an affordable option, and the use of cutting edge technology means this digital piano is future-proofed for a long time to come.