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Casio GP500


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The best thing about the Casio GP500 piano
Casio have merged a classical sound with cutting edge technology to create an instrument that is suited for more advanced players who want to challenge themselves and push their playing forward. This is also a ‘player’s piano’, with an authentic, natural feel that encourages good technique and richer, fuller sounds. 

The key feature is the Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard, made with full-length, wooden keys for ultimate authenticity. The keys are made from premium quality spruce, which is used in the manufacture of grand pianos. This makes them more ‘familiar’ to the user, reducing the possibility of fingers slipping or becoming tired too quickly. Spruce keys contribute to a natural motion, relaxing the hands and encouraging a more refined playing style. 

The unique action relays the most delicate finger nuances through the keys more accurately, so that even the lightest of touches translates into real expression, conveying the emotion of the piece, whether it’s a subtle work requiring deft, minimalist expression or explosive chords filled with raw emotion.

Grand acoustic system
The Casio GP500 piano features the Grand Acoustic System – a unique feature to this family of instruments. The Grand Acoustic System recreates a grand piano sound by resonating both above and below the soundboard, giving every note a rounded, three-dimensional resonance with greater depth and expansion. 

Create sound shapes with the digital signal processor
Notes alone do not create music, so the Casio GP500 piano gives the player access to a digital signal processor that effectively creates an entire soundscape, complete with orchestra. Gone are the days when synthesised orchestral backing sounded tinny and incomplete. The DSP delivers richer tones that capture the clarity and sharpness of the top notes, while giving a full, rounded base to complement rather than swamp. 

Who is the Casio GP500 piano for?
Casio GP500 pianos are for experienced players wanting to push the boundaries of their creativity by incorporating a piano that has all the feel and richness of a grand, and plenty of extra features too. Perfect for use in a home studio or teaching environment, the GP500 blends classical excellence with cutting-edge technology, making it versatile and adaptive.

The multiple features are intuitive and easy to use, encouraging intermediate players to explore new avenues with confidence. The Scene feature also allows freedom of expression and experimentation, while features such as Concert Play give you a real sensation of being part of an orchestra.