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Cort Sunset I


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A rather wonderful semi-hollow-body guitar from Cort. This instrument is absolutely incredible! It has a REAL Bigsby vibrato and REAL TV Jones pickups. TV Jones are the pickups Gretsch use in their super-expensive American guitars. And I've got say, this Cort plays just as nice as a white Falcon and sounds just as good. If you don't believe me come in and play it!

Key Features

TV Jones Classic & Classic Plus pickups 
The TV Jones Classic and Classic Plus pickups used on the Sunset I deliver a rich, warm and versatile tone that is traditional in tone while being modern in their fidelity.

Maple Top on Chambered Mahogany Body
It is lighter and makes it sound like the amp is about ready to explode. A chambered body resonates inside itself and you can hear it acoustically speaking louder. Plugged into the amplifier, you are going to find the same thing.

Roller Bridge with Bigsby B50 Vibrato 
Bigsby B50 allows musicians to bend the pitch of notes or entire chords with their pick hand for various effects.