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Denon DN-s3700 player


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Product details

Designed for hardworking modern DJs, the new DN-S3700 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player & Controller is a cutting-edge single-deck portable DJ instrument that provides all the essentials plus a host of advanced features for enhanced creative flexibility. Thanks to its large 9” spinning platter design, the DN-S3700 literally offers the “best of both worlds” from both the digital and analogue realms: rock solid digital audio combined with the feel and response of a real 9” vinyl turntable, driven by Denon DJ’s High Torque Direct Drive Motor.

Directional Scratch Lever
The DN-S3700 features Denon’s unique Directional Scratch Lever.  This original Denon feature allows the DJs to manipulate the platter’s motion of output sound in two ways, the traditional vinyl cueing sound, called “BOTH” and the ingenious ‘Forward’ stroke sound to perform the same cuts as if you were using a mixer’s crossfader.

Form professional flexibility, two DN-S3700 players can be linked together by an RJ45 (CAT5, 5e) cross-cover cable for D-LINK operation. This EASY operation enables the DJ to share CD MEMO’s between both decks, Relay Play operation and the convenience of using a single PS/2 keyboard for quick file navigation when using external USB devices.

Fast Loading Slot-In Drive
The illuminated, fast loading – quick reading Slot-In drive reads and supports standard Compact Audio discs and MP3 discs in a variety of formats: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM. *Compact Disc CD-TEXT and MP3 ID3 Tags on CD-ROM are also displayed.

USB Device Hosting
The DN-S3700 is well equipped for the modern DJ and conveniently supports external USB mass storage class devices. Connect your, iPod®, thumb Drive, and large Hard Drives for easy access to your (small or extensive) mp3/wav libraries up to 50,000 files. Simply plug any one of these devices into the DN-S3700 to obtain the powerful on-board features such as, Instant Start, Auto Looping, Hot Starts, Effects, 8-ways to File Search and so much more…


  • High Torque Direct Drive Motor and Spinning Platter Design
  • Fast Loading Slot-in Drive
  • USB Device Hosting and Midi Interface Control
  • Internal 24-bit Processing and USB Audio (sound card)
  • 5 Superb Built-in Effects (Flanger, Filter-(High-Mid-Low), Echo, and our exclusive Echo Loop)
  • Waveform Display with Multi-line Text and Icon Support
  • 3 Hot Starts, Auto Loop and Manual Loop Functionality
  • 3 Platter Effects
    • Brake (adjustable in real-time)
    • Dump (reverse sound without losing true forward time, like a radio edit)
    • Reverse (plays your music backwards and platter spins backwards too
  • 3 Platter mode functions
    • Classic Vinyl (spinning)
    • Pitch Bend
    • Frame Search
  • 4-Way BPM Counter
    • Auto Beat Detection
    • Manual TAP
    • Manual BPM Input
    • Reads MP3/WAV BPM Metadata (if available)
  • Deep Pitch Resolution & Key Adjust
  • Denon DJ Music Manager software included

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