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denon DN-X1100


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An ideal companion piece to Denon DJ’s new DN-S3700 Digital Media Turntable, the DN-X1100 is a professional 12” tabletop rack-mountable analog matrix that provides users with a groundbreaking array of technologies and features.

Unlike conventional mixers, the DN-X1100 uses Matrix Input Assignment that enables DJ’s to freely assign the eight separate input to any channel, or even multiple channels, providing unprecedented flexibility.

In addition to its eight analogue line inputs three phono switchable capability, the DN-X1100 features a High Performance “Flex fader” (crossfader) with tension adjustment and contour control. For level control there are four smooth 60 mm VCA channel faders, and a responsive 45 mm VCA crossfader. For added flexibility, the crossfader features A-B Post Channel assignment capability, and the Channel Fader-Start Trigger is compatible with all Denon DJ CD/MP3/Media players.

With its channel fader contour controls, the DN-X1100 allows DJs to express their craft with the subtlest and most effective touches, enabling seamless smooth traditional style fade-ins, as well as execute crowd-pleasing audio cuts for performance scratching.


  • Matrix Input Assignment
  • 8 Line / 3 Phono, switchable
  • 4 Smooth 60mm VCA Channel Faders w/contour adjust
  • Flex Fader 45mm VCA Cross Fader w/contour adjust
  • Independent Channel PFL Meters
  • Independent 3-Band EQ (High-Mid-Low) w/full kills
  • Independent CUE system (all channels)
  • Booth Output Assign Selector
  • Pre-monitor any channel including Master through the booth output in the same manner as you would with your headphones, with volume control!
  • External Send/Return Control
    • Multi Channel Assignable, - Effect On/Off, - Effect Pre & Post switch, - Effect Dry/Wet Knob
  • Effect Cueing
  • Independent Channel A-B Post Switch (crossfader)
  • Powerful & Clean Headphone Output
  • Fader Start (all channels)
  • 2 Independent Mic inputs w/3-band EQ
    • Main Mic (Neutrik combo terminal)
  • Aux Mix (TRS 1/4” terminal)
  • Mic Ducking Attenuation w/level control
  • Split / Cue Headphone Monitor w/PFL Metering