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FBT Vertus


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The Vertus system comprises of:
2 x CLA 604a active column speakers
2 x CLA 208Sa active subwoofers
2 x VT-S604 speaker poles
2 x KMS220 Adaptors
4 x Neutrik Powercon Cables
2 x 1.5 Metre  XLR Cables
2 x 10 Metre  XLR Cables
This system is easily expandable with the addition of further CLA604a’s and CLA208SAa’s
Very light and easy to carry

The internal Class D amplifier delivers 600W in the CLA 208Sa and 4 400W + 100W in the CLA 604a. These are
matched with a switch mode power supply and a DSP processor with filtering functions, equalization and speaker protection. Created with the idea of extending the CLA604a’s low frequency performance in live applications, the CLA208Sa serves as the base support for the CLA604a column speaker which can either be frontally mounted to the sub, as well as fixed upon the optional stand through the M20 socket on the upside of the sub. The CLA208Sa subwoofers are modular as well, and they can be stacked to enlarge and increase the maximum SPL.