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Flea bass Primed


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This is it! Your last chance to get your hands on a Fleabass… Just 150 of the basses are left in the UK and when they’re gone, that’s it, there will be no further production runs.

And these remaining ‘Primer’ models are a bit special. They’re built to the same, excellent spec as the original Fleabasses (with alder body, 34″ scale, 20-fret maple neck modelled on Flea’s favourite touring bass, alnico humbucker and thru-body stringing) but are completely raw, with just a white primer coat and no scratchplate, allowing players to create their own unique model with spray or handpainting technicques, stickers, marker pens, you name it.

we're having some of these professionally painted by local graffiti artists with one off designs,these will be a limited run and the possibility of custom artwork of your choice will really make these bass' one of a kind, if you are interested in custom work we'll get in touch with the creative types about your design.

These custom flea bass' will vary in price so please call us for a price on each of these unique pieces. 0116 2545456

price shown on site,represents price for primer white model,this custom hand painted beast done by two local graffiti artists will be selling for £299,snap one up ;)