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Watkins Rapier 44


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Watkins rapier 44 vintage electric guitar.

Watkins guitars were made in London in the 60s and 70s. They were known as the "British Strat" and were made to be affordable for anyone who wanted to start playing. These guitars are very collectable now and mint condition pieces sell for very large amounts of money. Although I should say that this piece is not at all mint condition! However, the previous owner got it signed by some very well known guitarists when he was in charge of artist liason at De-Montford hall. The signatures adorning this fine example of British guitar history are Ray Davies, Hank Marvin, John Mayall, David Byrne, Buddy Guy (Who actually played this actual guitar with his actual hands in the dressing room before going on stage!), plus there's a random squiggle that frankly could be anyone! But whoever the unknown autograph is they're clearly all guitar legends making this piece a fine collectors item. Recently the previous owner got in touch to let us know that he talked to Charlie Watkins (Of Watkins guitars- obviously) and he confirmed that this guitar is one of the earlier ones and was made in 1961- Before anyone outside of Liverpool had even heard of the Beatles! Get your hand on some genuine rock n roll history today!