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Acoustic Guitars

Here at Intasound we have a dedicated Acoustic Guitar department, stocking up to Hundreds of different models ranging from starter guitars and guitar packs to hand-crafted professional solid-wood examples.

Acoustic Guitars come in various shapes and styles, and whatever you're after - from beginner guitars to professional - we've got you covered. Any shape you can think of including Dreadnoughts, OM-shapes, Jumbos, Parlours &  Travel-shapes. We also have all different variations such as plain steel-string, nylon-string (classical), electro-acoustic, 12-string, and left-handed.

We stock a wide range of brands from the well-known favourite such as Fender, Tanglewood, Cort, and Vintage, to some specialist makers like Lag and Rathbone. Take a look at some of Intasound's 2nd-hand and pre-loved stock here, and if you are looking to sell your guitar or trade it in for an upgrade, then Intasound also buy and part-exchange guitars.

All the guitars that Intasound receive go through a rigourous testing and set-up process in the dedicated workshop before they are allowed to go on display or be sold.