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We provide AV installation to restaurants across Leicestershire, providing high-quality sound systems and visual aid.
With our systems, you will be able to promote high-quality sound across your restaurant, creating an idyllic atmosphere for you and your customers.
At Intasound, we provide technical support for your system as well as aiming and achieving your restaurant requirements and expectations.
Within your establishment, you will be able to have a core sound system apparatus such as speakers that will surround your internal space and amplifiers. We also can install products if you have a stage in your restaurant for events such as quizzes and live music nights.
Having an AV system within your restaurant will modernise your business, as well as giving your customers music that they will enjoy while they dine at your restaurant.
If you are interested in introducing an AV system into your restaurant then please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today at [email protected]
Below are some examples of previous installs we have carried out -